Casselin's catalog 2021 - 2021 3 RESEARCH Every day, new components, new techniques, new materials are tested by our development department to improve our ranges or create new products. WARRANTY Our products are guaranteed for 24 months and all spare parts are available and quickly accessible. We can therefore deliver within 48/72 hours to ensure your customer service and satisfy your customers needs. Our products are created and controlled to fit the rules and the normative of the market. The role of the product department is to define and design our range of products and also to controls the quality of our products. Each product has its own specifications and operating guide. Casselin always fits to the new rules and regulations and guarantees the quality of its products. Friteuseélectriqueavec vannedevidange2x10L haut rendement Référence :CFEV102T Version :CFEV102T0317 Page1/2 CFEV10TB -CFEV102TB SASCASSELIN 185A rueLouise Labbé 69970Chaponnay FRANCE Tél :+33 (0)48292 6000 Fax :+33 (0)48307 5101 Mail : FRITEUSE AVEC VANNE DE VIDANGE TRIPHASÉE Design 3D Product QUALITY The quality department is involved in all phases of manufacturing, from the reception of spare parts to the endurance testing of finished products.